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Utah Taste Off Best of 2020

It’s that time of year when we look back and see how far we have come. Did you know that we have put together 39 weeks of taste off kits this year? That’s a LOT of kits! We thought it would be fun to write a Utah Taste Off Best of 2020 post where we could recap our year and all of the taste off kits we have put together. This post is packed with every winner from 2020. If you’ve ever wondered where to find the best food in Utah, this is the post to read! Let’s start with our most recent kit and work our way back through the year!

December 2020:

Ruby Snap was voted for having the Best Ginger Desserts in Utah. Their cookies were described as “Christmas in my mouth” by several participants, and we have to agree!

When it came to chocolate desserts, Nothing Bundt Cakes literally took the cake and the title of the best in Utah! Their cake was so soft and delicious!

When it comes to Christmas desserts, Sweet Tooth Fairy came out on top by a margin of 3 VOTES!! It was a close one!

November 2020:

This kit was different than any other kit we have ever done. San Diablo Churros provided all of the churros and then had several different fillings made by 6 different foodies. The raspberry cream filling created by The Manly Baker was a fan favorite and the title for best churro filling goes to him!

Rolls are a staple to have at every family gathering, but even more so during the holidays! We put 6 different types of rolls to the test, and Lion House Bakery was voted the very best.

We had a lot of delicious soup flavors that could have won as best soup in Utah, but Cravings Bistro came away with the title!

In our hand pie taste off, Grapefruit & Thyme was crowned as our winner. Their creamy filling and crunchy outside was a hit with everyone that participated!

October 2020:

Our Halloween Donut kit was a HUGE hit! They were so festive and fun, and Jack’s Donuts knocked it out of the park with their delicious donuts.

The title for best fall flavored cookie goes to Smart Cookie for their yummy Almond sugar cookie!

We love a good cheesecake, and Momo’s Gourmet Cheesecakes are definitely that and MORE. They were officially voted the best pumpkin dessert in Utah!

We take the title of best Mac & Cheese very seriously, which is why we have no problem naming Station 22 as the best Mac & Cheese in Utah!

Cravings Alisha’s Cupcakes is one we will always recommend to anyone looking for a tasty cupcake. They definitely deserve their title of the best fall flavored cupcakes in Utah!

September 2020:

We think we can say without a doubt that Crumbl has the best chocolate chip cookies in Utah. They are a two time title winner for our chocolate chip cookie kits going up against the best in the state.

Without a doubt, Cubby’s definitely knows what they are doing when it comes to rice cereal treats! They dominated for the title of best rice crispy treats in Utah!

Lehi Bakery is one of those places that will always be on a recommendations list. It was no surprise that they took the title of the best cinnamon rolls in Utah.

If Schmidt’s Pastry Cottage wasn’t on your radar before, we hope it is now! They have earned their title for the best eclairs in Utah!

August 2020:

Who knew that you could get the best salsa in Utah right from the grocery store?! Well now you know Meiers Meats & Fine Foods is the reigning champion!

Anyone that tried our citrus desserts taste off kit will tell you that the orange rolls from Shirley’s Bakery deserves the title of the best in Utah!

Not only do our colleges compete in sports here in Utah, but they also rival each other for best ice cream! We couldn’t deny that The Scoop & BYU Creamery were definitely the winners when it came to who had the best ice cream in Utah!

Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn nailed it with her two popcorn flavors! They can wear their title for best popcorn in Utah proudly!

July 2020:

Our edible cookie dough kit was one we had been looking forward to. Float On definitely knows how to make a delicious cookie dough and won the title for the best in Utah.

This cheesecake taste off was one for the books! There were so many delicious flavors, but the real winner was Renees Cheesecake with their raspberry cheesecake!

The Chocolate absolutely knows a thing or two about tasty chocolate treats, so it came as no surprise when they were named as having the best brownies in Utah.

There is so much science behind what makes a good cheese, and we think Caputo’s has definitely got it figured out! They proudly wear the title of best cheese in Utah!

June 2020:

Twisted Sugar is no stranger to Utah Taste Off. They have participated in 5 different taste off kits, and have won twice! This time, it was for the title of best sugar cookie in Utah.

It is nearly impossible to eat a Macaron without feeling fancy. Macaron Perfection was awarded the title of best macaron in Utah, and they should definitely feel fancy for having that title.

This was the first time we were able to have warm and savory food all packed into one taste off kit. Our BBQ kit was a HUGE hit and was such a fun drive through event where all of the vendors lined up and cooked while the kits were packed and then passed out. In the end, Sean’s Smokehouse was named the winner, and can proudly display the title of best BBQ in Utah.

The Cookie Crave was the taste off winner of the snickerdoodle taste off kit!

Jack’s Donuts was a fan favorite and won the title of the best cake donuts in Utah!

May 2020:

Mama Lakes Bakery continues to blow us away every time they participate in a taste off kit. They are the original sweet roll taste off kit winner, but the real question is, will they keep their title when they are put to the test in January’s upcoming sweet roll taste off kit?! We think they definitely have a great chance of keeping that title!

In Utah, we take our chocolate chip cookies very seriously! Crumbl should wear their title for best chocolate chip cookies in Utah with pride!

The Chocolate Taste Off kit was the epitome of Forrest Gump saying, “you never know what you’re gonna get”. Fortunately, what you got was a box full of delicious chocolates! The Chocolate Cottage was the fan favorite after all the votes were in.

Los Cucos nailed it with their green salsa in the salsa taste off. In fact, it was such a fan favorite that it will be featured in our “Best of Utah Taste Off” kit that will be distributed on New Years Eve.

April 2020:

In their first win for the best cupcakes in Utah, the Sweet Tooth Fairy set the bar very high for what to expect in our kits. Their cupcakes are so dang good!

Great Harvest definitely knows their way around desserts, because their brownies were a big win in our dessert bar kit.

Judy’s Donuts definitely knows a thing or two about what it takes to make a good donut! That’s why they were named for having the best donuts in Utah!

In our second taste off, Dottie’s Kolaches was our big cinnamon roll winner. They wowed the voters with their classic and delicious cinnamon roll.

March 2020:

Cookies seemed like the best food to have in our very first taste off kit, and Twisted Sugar was voted as our first taste off winner for best cookies!

We are so thankful for the vendors that took a chance on us from the beginning and have helped us to become what we are today. We love good food, and more than that, we love all of you that have loved good food right along with us. We believe that food is something that can unite us even when it seems like the world is falling apart all around us. We are also so thankful that we have been able to help small businesses located all around Utah during this global pandemic. With your help, we have been able to put over $350,000 back into the pockets of the local companies that really needed it. Not only that, but we were also able to work with the Utah Food Bank this year and give back in a way that we never could have done before. Over $15,800 was given to the Utah Food Bank which was enough to provide them with 70,000 meals to give to families in need!

In the end, we just want to say thank you for letting us help make your 2020 a little brighter. We hope that we can continue to provide some joy throughout 2021 as well. Happy New Year from all of us at Utah Taste Off!

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