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Places to Eat in Salt Lake County

We took a poll on our social media accounts to find out the best places to eat in Salt Lake County, and these are the places that were recommended to us! If you happen to be in Salt Lake County and looking for somewhere new to eat, browse through the list until you find the city you are in, and then click on the restaurant you want to try out. We know this isn’t a complete list of all of the best places to eat, so if you see that your favorite place isn’t on the list, leave us a comment and we will get it added!



Cottonwood Heights





Salt Lake City


South Jordan



West Jordan

Even though you are here looking for places to eat in Salt Lake County, we are constantly looking for the best food in Utah. Our taste off kits really put things to the test in such a fun way. Every week, we put together a kit that has food from 4-6 different vendors and ask everyone to rate the food based on taste, texture, and appearance. It is always delicious, and always a good idea to grab one! Sign up for our email list to get started. Kits go on sale Sunday mornings and pickups are in locations from Utah county to Cache County.

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