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The Best Thing to Come From The 1700’s Since, Well, Ever!

When you think about the modern-day sugar cookie we bet you don’t think about the small town of Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Well, perhaps you should! I mean after all, this is believed to be the birth place of the sugar cookie here in the state by German Protestants who settled in the area.

I mean sure, you can find some small facts that they may date back even further, but let’s be honest, it just hurts our heads to think past yesterday, let alone the 1700’s! And really, once you down a delicious, buttery, slightly crumbly piece of cookie perfection, we don’t really care where or when they came into play, all we want is for them to GET IN MY BELLY!

Plus, one thing we love about this cookie is the personal touch that each and every person/family puts on theirs. Some are cooked a little more or less, with frosting or without, or hard or soft (sorry I just drooled a little) but I think at the end of the day, the only thing we can say is, “thank you settlers of Nazareth, PA for changing our lives for the good!”

Happy Snacking!

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