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The Votes Are In!

After hours of deliberation, hundreds of votes cast, and let’s be honest a lot of sugar consumed, it is time to declare the winners of our Sugar Cookie Taste Off!

From our 4:00 pm event, all though a strong showing from everyone, our winners, complete with bragging rights goes to:

And our 8:00 pm event, again with a strong showing from everyone, crowns the following as the winners: 

We want to congratulate our winners! This is no small feat to be crowned champion with such amazing competition. 

We also want to give a huge shout out and sugar coated thank you to all of our vendors who showed up and delivered over 400 cookies for this event to happen.  We could not do what we love with out your amazing talents! Simply put, you are the best!

And for you, our now expert foodies, make sure you show our cookie vendors some love! Jump on over to their instagram pages will you will find the latest and greatest in sugary confections!

  1. RubySnap 
  2. Crumbl 
  3. The Chocolate 
  4. Swig
  5. Twisted Sugar
  6.  Dutchman’s Market
  7. The Cupcake Shoppe and Bakery
  8. Brookey Bakes

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