Best Curry in Utah

Our savory kits are always HUGE success, so we knew that a taste off to find the best curry in Utah would be in high demand. I mean, who wouldn’t love a taste off that covers both dinner and entertainment for the night?! Since we wanted to include the best tasting curries in our kit, we asked our followers over on Instagram to tell us their favorite places to get curry, and we put the top four choices to the test in a take home taste test.

Check out our curry lineup:

  1. Thai Curry Kitchen: Yellow Curry with long beans, mixed peppers, and carrots
  2. District Thai: Pumpkin Curry with chicken and coconut milk
  3. Thai So Good: Panang Curry with coconut milk and chicken
  4. Suzy Thai Food: Massaman Curry with chicken, peanuts, onions, carrots, potatoes, and cashews in a coconut cream base

    PLUS! Jasmine Rice from Suzy Thai Food!!

One of the best parts of the curry taste off is that each vendor adds a different type of curry to the kit so that we have a really great variety to try out. If someone had never tasted curry before, this was the best way to do it so that they would know exactly what they like and from where. Most likely, they found that they loved them all and would be willing to try more!

In the end, there can only be one that wins the title of best curry in Utah. After tallying the votes, Suzy Thai Food is officially the winner with their Massaman Curry! It is a mild curry that’s sweet, creamy, and delicious according to all of the votes that were sent in. If you weren’t able to try it in the taste off kit, be sure to head over to Suzy Thai Food soon and give it a try!

Thanks to everyone that participated! We have so many other fun kits that are coming up, and we would love for you to keep participating every week. If you join our VIP text club, you’ll definitely be in the know about the kits. You can also check out our website to see the upcoming kits and get yours ordered. We know you won’t regret giving it a try!

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