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Best Salsa in Utah – Taste Off

When it comes to knowing the best salsa in Utah, we are starting to feel like the experts on what you need to try and where to find it. This is our second time doing a salsa take home kit, and it probably won’t be our last. We had six different vendors give us their best salsa, and we were amazed at the variety of flavors we had in each kit.

Packaged inside of each kit, there were green and red salsas, creamy and chunky, mild salsa and some salsas had a little heat–we really had it all. If you’re wondering what all of that looked like, check out our list of vendors and flavors that were included:

  1. Meiers Meats & Fine Foods: Mango Salsa
  2. Salsitas Mendoza: Medium Roasted Tomato
  3. Salsa Madre: Tomatillo Avocado
  4. Loco Lizard: Tomatillo Avocado
  5. Tagges Famous Fruit: Corn & Red Pepper
  6. Los Cucos: Red Salsa

PLUS chips from Utah’s own Don Julio chips!!

It was interesting to eat the kit with a group because everyone seemed to have different favorites. One thing was for sure though, there was one that we couldn’t get enough of. If you’re wondering who the overall winner was based on the combined best scores for taste, texture, and appearance, there was one clear winner. Congratulations to Meiers and their tasty mango salsa for being voted the best salsa in Utah! It was the perfect blend of sweet and savory. The ingredients were so fresh and delicious. Next time you’re near Meiers, be sure to stop in and grab some of their salsa. (Here’s a bonus tip for you– grab a bag of their fresh tortilla chips. They are the bomb and so perfect paired with the mango salsa!)

If you missed out on this kit, it’s probably because you aren’t on our email list yet. Everyone that is on our email list gets first dibs on the boxes since we send out the link to purchase the kits via email very first. Be sure to sign up to get our emails so you don’t miss out on our kit next week! We do a new Taste Off Kit every single week with new flavors and vendors to try out. If you want to see some other kit examples we have done in the past, be sure to check out our post where we tested the best popcorn in Utah, or even go check out our post about the best citrus desserts.

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