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Best Rice Crispy Treats in Utah

We set out on a mission to find the best rice crispy treats in Utah and put them to the test in our weekly taste off kit. There were 6 different rice crispy treats to taste from 6 different vendors, and it was a taste off to remember! Each bite was filled with memories of coming home from school and finding rice crispy treats freshly made on the counter. Definitely a childhood favorite!

Let’s take a look at the vendors and the rice crispy treat flavors that were a part of the kit this week. This is what your placemat should have looked like.

Even though the rice crispy treats were all delicious and filled with nostalgia, there could only be one winner. So without any further ado, the winner with the best rice crispy treats in Utah is…..Cubbys! Congratulations to them! It was well deserved with their adorable tiny paper packaging, and their classic, soft, and buttery treat. Next time you are at Cubbys and you wonder if you should get a rice crispy treat to go along with your tri-tip steak salad or tri-tip sandwich and sweet potato fries; the answer is yes. Yes, you should. You will not regret it!

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