Best Mac & Cheese in Utah

Our kit that put the best mac & cheese in Utah to the test might be one of our best ones yet. It was savory, cheesy, and flavorful! We heard from people all over telling us about the family BBQ’s and date nights that this kit was a big part of, and they all loved it! We can’t decide if we like the savory or the sweet kits better, so we will just keep both coming!

This week, 6 vendors put their best mac & cheese to the test in our take home kits. This was a first where we asked you to bake the mac & cheese at home, but it was worth it for the fresh taste! This is what your placemat should have looked like.

  1. Station 22
  2. Wallaby’s Smokehouse
  3. Good Thyme Eatery
  4. Five Star BBQ
  5. Craving’s Bistro
  6. Zulu Grille

It was a tough call to decide whether the best mac & cheese had bacon, crumbles, or sauce on the top, but in the end, your votes found a winner! The restaurant with the best mac & cheese in Utah is…..Station 22!!! Congratulations! If you’ve never eaten there before, get yourself a babysitter and head over there ASAP for date night. The mac & cheese is only the beginning of the deliciousness they have to offer. You’ll also want to grab some of their sweet potato fries, any of their burgers, maybe some chicken & waffles, cornbread…We could go on and on! You just can’t go wrong at Station 22.

As always, a big thank you to all that supported us by purchasing a taste off kit and sending in your votes. We are constantly blown away by all of you. If you happened to miss out on this kit, we know you’re probably disappointed about it. (we know we would be!) Make sure you are signed up for our email list to get first dibs on our next kit. You won’t want to miss out!

While you’re here reading about the best mac & cheese in Utah, you would probably be interested to know where to find the best salsa in Utah, or maybe you’d want to finish off your date night with the best ice cream in Utah. Check out our posts to find who won those titles in our taste off!

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