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Sweet Rolls Taste Off

History has shown that our sweet rolls taste off is always a crowd favorite. We always sell out quickly, and for good reason! Only the best sweet rolls from around Utah are added to our taste off, and they are all so delicious! Check out the HUGE sweet rolls from this kit all together on the included taste off placemat.

Our Sweet Rolls Taste Off Vendors:

  1. Mama Lakes Bakery: Zesty Orange Rolls
  2. Bun Loves: Maple Frosted Cinnamon Rolls
  3. Swirls Cinnamon Rolls: Lemon Raspberry Sweet Rolls
  4. Traditions Bakery & Cafe: Orange Cranberry Sweet Rolls

There’s a little of something in this taste off for everyone! All of the sweet rolls are packed with flavor making it incredibly hard to say which one is the best. As always, we asked that everyone rate each one from 1-5 based on taste, texture, and appearance, and then send us their votes. At the end of the taste off, we tally those votes to find who the true winner is. The winner of the title of Best Sweet Rolls goes to…..Swirls Cinnamon Rolls! Their Lemon Raspberry Sweet Roll was a BIG hit. If you didn’t get the chance to try their sweet roll in our taste off kit, there’s good news for you–THEY DELIVER!! That’s right! If you live anywhere from Murray to American Fork, Utah, they will deliver this goodness right to your door. Try them out and then you can thank us for helping you find your new favorite sweet roll.

We want to thank our vendors for all of their hard work making all of the sweet rolls and being so good at what they do. Also, a big thank you to everyone that purchased a sweet rolls taste off kit and remembered to submit their votes. It makes it so fun to hear your favorites and why. If you missed out on this one, don’t worry! We have a new kit every single week, and we can promise that every kit is delicious and worth trying. Check out the current kits we have for sale. We typically have a couple of options to choose from for upcoming weeks.



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