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Local Cookie Butter Desserts

Over on Instagram, we asked our followers for recommendations of their favorite local cookie butter desserts. We received so many delicious treat recommendations that we couldn’t keep them all to ourselves! Our next taste off kit is a biscoff/cookie butter kit, and we are putting some of these desserts to the test. In the mean time, we thought you should have a complete list to help satisfy your cookie butter cravings.  Here they are in order, starting with the most frequently recommended by our followers, and all have been taste tested and approved. Of course, what kind of post would this be without pictures showing you exactly why these are all “must try” desserts.

1. Twisted Sugar: Oatmeal Biscoff Cookie

2. Chip: Biscoff Chip Cookie

3. Waffle Love: Waffle Works or Founder’s Favorite

4. Crumbl: Lava Biscoff Cookie

5. Nils Swedish Creamery: Biscoff Cookie Butter Ice Cream

6. Crave Cookies: Cookie Butter Explosion

7. Brooker Founding Flavors: Crispus Attucks’ First Patriot Casualty Speculoos

8. Batch Baked Goods: Cookie Butter Sweet Roll

9. Rockwell Ice Cream: Biscoff Cookie Butter Swirl

10. Renee’s Cheesecake: Biscoff Cheesecake

Did your favorite local cookie butter desserts make the list? Did we miss one that should be on this post? If you think we did, comment below with your “must have” local cookie butter dessert and we will get it added to the list. We are always looking for new tried and true food recommendations.

While we are chatting about recommendations, we want to remind you to check back next week because the best cookie butter dessert in Utah will be announced. We will be posting those results over on our Instagram and Facebook pages as well.  We also recommend that you take a quick look at our current kits we are offering to see if there is one that you just can’t pass up because we know that you’ll regret not ordering one in time.


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