Best Donuts in Utah

We love taking on the challenge of finding the best donuts in Utah, and take that responsibility very seriously. This is our 4th donut taste off, but it is still as exciting as the first one we did last April as one of our very first take home taste off kits! This time, we put 6 vendors to the test. Some, we have had compete in our kits before, and some were brand new to the taste off. Here was the line up for this kit:

Donut Taste Off Kit Included:

  1. Powder Peak Sweets: Chocolate Tiramisu Cronuts (cinnamon, sugar, and whipped mascarpone)
  2. Daylight Donuts: Lemon Berry Oldies (strawberry lemonade sour cream cake donut)
  3. Mountain Donuts: French Toast Cake Donuts (topped with sugar and a maple syrup drizzle)
  4. Dunford Bakers: Strawberry Cheesecake Cake Donuts
  5. Banbury Cross Donuts: Blueberry Cake Donuts (topped with frosting made from real blueberries)
  6. Lehi Bakery: Glazed Square Donuts

The competition was delicious, but there was one that was a clear winner based on the voting. Banbury Cross Donuts can now proudly claim the title of best donuts in Utah! They wowed our voters with their blueberry cake donut goodness. Located in Salt Lake City, they are worth the trip to get a tasty treat. You’ll know the minute you walk into their store, and the delicious smells hit your nose, that you made the right choice going there. Trust us!

Thanks to everyone that participated in our taste off kit. We love what we do, and we love that you love it too. Every week, it is so fun for us to bring you new foods from new places. If you aren’t currently signed up for an upcoming kit, check out the current kits on sale. There are a lot of good ones coming up! Plus, you can sign up for our VIP text club so that you can stay in the know. See you next week!

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