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Fall Flavored Cookies

Our most recent kits have definitely followed a theme, so having fall flavored cookies was an obvious choice for a taste off kit! We went to some of our favorite cookie vendors and asked them to come up with the most fall flavored and/or themed cookie they could think of, and they all delivered! Just check out these delicious treats!

  1. Goodly Cookies: Apple Pie Cookie
  2. The Chocolate: Pumpkin Cookie with Spiced Cream Cheese Frosting
  3. The Dessert Studio: Loaded Caramel Apple Cookie
  4. The Cookie Crave: Reese’s Explosion Cookies
  5. Smart Cookie: Almond Sugar Cookie
  6. Utah Cakes & Sweets: Maple Buttercream Sugar Cookies 🍁

In our opinion, any one of these cookies could have been the winner. They were all delicious and full of flavor! All of these cookies are only available seasonally, so it was a big hit to be able to try all of them in one kit! That being said, the votes don’t lie and only one is considered the winner of our fall flavored cookies taste off kit. The winner is….Smart Cookie with their almond sugar cookie! Their timeless cookie stole the hearts of many and won as the best of the kit. Congratulations to Smart Cookie on the win! Now you know where to go next time you get a hankering for a good sugar cookie. When you go get yourself a dozen or so, might I suggest that you also make an ice cream sandwich with their cookies?! Their toffee milk chocolate chip cookie is a favorite for sure.

Thanks again to all for participating whether it was by creating the cookies or by purchasing a kit and voting on your favorites. We really love it when you tag us in your instagram posts testing out the kits. If you missed out on trying this kit, be sure to sign up for our email list so that you get the link to purchase first. The email is sent out first thing Sunday morning at 7 am. Our kits sell out quickly, so get on it!

For other fun fall themed kits, be sure to check out our post about the best fall flavored cupcakes or Halloween donuts!

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