In addition to supporting local businesses, we strive to give back to the organizations and groups who are the backbone of our community. Whenever possible, we try to share the Taste Off love with these well deserving friends.

Together with the Outlets at Traverse Mountain, we donated $15,827 to the Utah Food Bank. All the proceeds from our Chocolate Chip Cookie kits went to the Food Bank and our amazing foodie friends bought 1,300+ kits! This endeavor resulted in 70,000 meals for the Utah Food Bank. Can you say, “Best customers ever!?

Scientists have proven that a full belly helps firefighters be more effective at putting out the flames. Okay, we made that up, but it’s sure a yummy way to thank them for their service.

The staff at Operation Underground Railroad work tirelessly to end sex trafficking and the sexual exploitation of minors. Words can never express our gratitude for this amazing organization.

During the 2020 pandemic our nurses and doctors worked tirelessly to keep us healthy and safe. The least we could do was provide them with a little fuel for their long days at the hospital.

Thanks, teach! We decided to POP by a local high school and show those hard working teachers our gratitude!