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311, 2020

Fall Flavored Cookies

Our most recent kits have definitely followed a theme, so having fall flavored cookies was an obvious choice for a taste off kit! We went to some of our favorite cookie vendors and asked them to come up with the most fall flavored and/or themed cookie they could think of, and they all delivered! Just check out these delicious treats!

  1. Goodly Cookies: Apple Pie Cookie
  2. The Chocolate: Pumpkin Cookie with Spiced Cream Cheese Frosting
  3. The Dessert Studio: Loaded Caramel Apple Cookie
  4. The Cookie Crave: Reese’s Explosion Cookies
  5. Smart Cookie: Almond Sugar Cookie
  6. Utah Cakes & Sweets: Maple Buttercream Sugar Cookies 🍁

In our opinion, any one of these cookies could have been the winner. They were all delicious and full of flavor! All of these cookies are only available seasonally, so it was a big hit to be able to try all of them in one kit! That being said, the votes don’t lie and only one is considered the winner of our fall flavored cookies taste […]

2010, 2020

Places to Eat in Salt Lake County

We took a poll on our social media accounts to find out the best places to eat in Salt Lake County, and these are the places that were recommended to us! If you happen to be in Salt Lake County and looking for somewhere new to eat, browse through the list until you find the city you are in, and then click on the restaurant you want to try out. We know this isn’t a complete list of all of the best places to eat, so if you see that your favorite place isn’t on the list, leave us a comment and we will get it added!



Cottonwood Heights



1310, 2020

Best Mac & Cheese in Utah

Our kit that put the best mac & cheese in Utah to the test might be one of our best ones yet. It was savory, cheesy, and flavorful! We heard from people all over telling us about the family BBQ’s and date nights that this kit was a big part of, and they all loved it! We can’t decide if we like the savory or the sweet kits better, so we will just keep both coming!

This week, 6 vendors put their best mac & cheese to the test in our take home kits. This was a first where we asked you to bake the mac & cheese at home, but it was worth it for the fresh taste! This is what your placemat should have looked like.

  1. Station 22
  2. Wallaby’s Smokehouse
  3. Good Thyme Eatery
  4. Five Star BBQ
  5. Craving’s Bistro
  6. Zulu Grille

It was a tough call to decide whether the best mac & cheese had bacon, crumbles, or sauce on the top, but in the end, your votes found a winner! The restaurant with the […]

810, 2020

Fall Flavored Cupcakes

Last week was a real treat when we tested 6 different fall flavored cupcakes in our taste off kits! All of the familiar fall flavors were there–pumpkin, apple cider, pecan, cinnamon spice–and they all combined to make the perfect cupcake flavors! A big thanks to our 6 different vendors for joining in the fun. This is how the cupcakes should have looked placed on the placemat.

  1. So Baked– Pecan Pie
  2. Kenzie’s Cakery– Churro
  3. The Sweet Tooth Fairy– Pumpkin Spice
  4. Cakes De Fleur– Caramel Apple Spice
  5. Cravings Alisha’s Cupcakes– Pumpkin Chocolate Chip
  6. Carisa’s Cake Company– Maple Brown Sugar

Every single one of these cupcakes was packed with tons of flavor, and the frosting to cupcake ratio on some of these was perfection. In the end, there could only be one winner, and that award goes to…Cravings Alisha’s Cupcakes!! After participating in our taste off kits several times, Cravings Alisha’s Cupcakes have now been named the best in Utah. If you have a craving for some festive pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes, you know the best place to get them […]

3009, 2020

Best Rice Crispy Treats in Utah

We set out on a mission to find the best rice crispy treats in Utah and put them to the test in our weekly taste off kit. There were 6 different rice crispy treats to taste from 6 different vendors, and it was a taste off to remember! Each bite was filled with memories of coming home from school and finding rice crispy treats freshly made on the counter. Definitely a childhood favorite!

Let’s take a look at the vendors and the rice crispy treat flavors that were a part of the kit this week. This is what your placemat should have looked like.

Even though the rice crispy treats were all delicious and filled with nostalgia, there could only be one winner. So without any […]

2409, 2020

Places to Eat In Utah County

We asked all of our food loving friends and followers to submit their favorite places to eat in Utah county, and boy are there some good ones! We wanted to have a way to share them all with you, and thought that having them listed by county and then by city would be the best option. Scroll down to find a city near you. You will find lots of options of places to eat and where to find them. If you have other places that you feel should be added to this list, or any of our other lists, we would LOVE to hear about them! Leave a comment below with your favorite places to eat in Utah County and we will get them added to our list!

American Fork




1509, 2020

Best Cinnamon Rolls in Utah

The task of finding the best cinnamon rolls in Utah was not one we took lightly. We know all too well the comfort and feeling of home that a good cinnamon roll can bring, and we really wanted to make sure that was the feeling that went into our kits this week.

This kit was our most popular to date! We sold out so quickly, and it wasn’t for a lack of quantity. Our vendors made almost 10,000 cinnamon rolls to fill our taste off kits this week! Think about all of the love that went into making those! Let’s take a look at our vendors this week.

I know the real reason you came here is because you want to know which one was the best. Without further ado, the winner with the title of the Best Cinnamon Roll in Utah is……Lehi […]

809, 2020

Best Eclairs in Utah – Taste Off

We decided to put some of the best eclairs in Utah to the test to find out who would be the best of the best, and we have the results! Thanks to everyone that bought the eclairs and then sent in their votes, we can tell you which one is the highest rated in terms of taste, texture, and appearance. (Obviously, all of the most important qualities when it comes to food.)

Before we get to which one is the best, let’s talk about the vendors that provided the eclairs. This is what your place mat should have looked like.

#1 Kneaders – Provo
#2 Schmidts Pastry Cottage
#3 Eclair French Pastry
#4 Carols Pastry Shop
#5 Bowmans Market
#6 BYU Catering

Each eclair was classically made with pâte à choux dough, rich pastry cream, and chocolate ganache frosting. But the best part was that no two eclairs were the same, which made for a delicious taste off.

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