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3003, 2021

Best Donuts in Utah

We love taking on the challenge of finding the best donuts in Utah, and take that responsibility very seriously. This is our 4th donut taste off, but it is still as exciting as the first one we did last April as one of our very first take home taste off kits! This time, we put 6 vendors to the test. Some, we have had compete in our kits before, and some were brand new to the taste off. Here was the line up for this kit:

Donut Taste Off Kit Included:

  1. Powder Peak Sweets: Chocolate Tiramisu Cronuts (cinnamon, sugar, and whipped mascarpone)
  2. Daylight Donuts: Lemon Berry Oldies (strawberry lemonade sour cream cake donut)
  3. Mountain Donuts: French Toast Cake Donuts (topped with sugar and a maple syrup drizzle)
  4. Dunford Bakers: Strawberry Cheesecake Cake Donuts
  5. Banbury Cross Donuts: Blueberry Cake Donuts (topped with frosting made from real blueberries)
  6. Lehi Bakery: Glazed Square Donuts

The competition was delicious, but there was one that was a clear winner based […]

2403, 2021

Local Dessert Bars

We found the very best local dessert bars, and decided they needed to be included in a taste off kit. There is always a reason to need a good dessert bar, and we love having lots of delicious options to choose from. Lets take a look at the dessert bars we rounded up from local Utah restaurants and bakeries, and maybe you’ll find a dessert bar that will be your new go-to at your next family gathering.

Our dessert bar taste off kit included:

  1. Cravings Alishas Cupcakes: Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars
  2. Caputos Market: Olive Oil Brownie Bars
  3. Village Baker: Butterscotch Special K Bars
  4. Kneaders: Raspberry Crumb Bars
  5. The Back Alley Bakeshop: Biscoff Fudge Bars
  6. The Chocolate: Coconut Graham Hello Dolly Bars

With so many delicious flavors to choose from, it made narrowing it down to the winner a tough choice. Luckily for us, we don’t have to make that call. After tallying all of the votes, the winner of the best local dessert bar in Utah […]

1303, 2021

Local Cookie Butter Desserts

Over on Instagram, we asked our followers for recommendations of their favorite local cookie butter desserts. We received so many delicious treat recommendations that we couldn’t keep them all to ourselves! Our next taste off kit is a biscoff/cookie butter kit, and we are putting some of these desserts to the test. In the mean time, we thought you should have a complete list to help satisfy your cookie butter cravings.  Here they are in order, starting with the most frequently recommended by our followers, and all have been taste tested and approved. Of course, what kind of post would this be without pictures showing you exactly why these are all “must try” desserts.

1. Twisted Sugar: Oatmeal Biscoff Cookie

2. Chip: Biscoff Chip Cookie

3. Waffle Love: Waffle Works or Founder’s Favorite

4. Crumbl: Lava Biscoff Cookie

5. Nils Swedish Creamery: Biscoff Cookie Butter Ice Cream


1003, 2021

Best Curry in Utah

Our savory kits are always HUGE success, so we knew that a taste off to find the best curry in Utah would be in high demand. I mean, who wouldn’t love a taste off that covers both dinner and entertainment for the night?! Since we wanted to include the best tasting curries in our kit, we asked our followers over on Instagram to tell us their favorite places to get curry, and we put the top four choices to the test in a take home taste test.

Check out our curry lineup:

  1. Thai Curry Kitchen: Yellow Curry with long beans, mixed peppers, and carrots
  2. District Thai: Pumpkin Curry with chicken and coconut milk
  3. Thai So Good: Panang Curry with coconut milk and chicken
  4. Suzy Thai Food: Massaman Curry with chicken, peanuts, onions, carrots, potatoes, and cashews in a coconut cream base

    PLUS! Jasmine Rice from Suzy Thai Food!!

One of the best parts of the curry taste off is that each vendor adds a different type of curry to the kit so that we have a really great […]

303, 2021

Vegas Taste Off

Viva Las Vegas! We have officially opened up a Vegas taste off! In January, we kicked things off with a classic chocolate chip cookie taste off kit as the first Vegas taste off kit. We know that there is nothing like a warm chocolate chip cookie, and this taste off was packed with warm, freshly made cookies.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Vendors:

  1. tsp Baking Company
  2. Freeds
  3. Great Harvest
  4. Crumbl
  5. Cookie Friday
  6. Cookie Bar

The chocolate chip cookie taste off was well received, and we got a LOT of great feedback from everyone that participated. We always love hearing what you like most, especially about the winner. The winning cookie was described as tasting “the most homemade” and was even said to be “the perfect cookie”! It sounds like you should stop by Cookie Friday to fill your chocolate chip cookie cravings. They are the winners of the title of best chocolate chip cookie in Vegas!

Thanks to everyone that […]

2302, 2021

Best Tropical Dessert in Utah

Our search for the best tropical dessert in Utah was perfectly timed to help us feel like we were on a trip somewhere warm and tropical, while we were in the middle of winter. This kit was made to make people feel like there was a little vacation tucked into every bite. Our vendors did a great job creating delicious tropical flavors in so many varied desserts, and this is what your taste off placemat should have looked like:

Tropical Taste Off Kit Vendors:

  1. Hey Twisted Sugar: Coconut & Lime Sugar Cookies
  2. Thai Curry Kitchen: Mango Sticky Rice
  3. So Baked: Colada Cupcakes w/ Coconut Lime frosting
  4. Caffe Torino: Mango Cronuts
  5. Clarks Malasadas: Guava Donuts
  6. La Jolla Groves: Coconut Mango Lemon Cake

In this taste off kit, our vendors definitely brought the best of the best desserts to compete with, but there can only be one winner. The vendor that will now proudly have the title of “Best Tropical Dessert in Utah” is…. Caffe Torino with their Mango Cronuts. Congratulations! Each cronut has a flaky croissant […]

2002, 2021

Sweet Rolls Taste Off

History has shown that our sweet rolls taste off is always a crowd favorite. We always sell out quickly, and for good reason! Only the best sweet rolls from around Utah are added to our taste off, and they are all so delicious! Check out the HUGE sweet rolls from this kit all together on the included taste off placemat.

Our Sweet Rolls Taste Off Vendors:

  1. Mama Lakes Bakery: Zesty Orange Rolls
  2. Bun Loves: Maple Frosted Cinnamon Rolls
  3. Swirls Cinnamon Rolls: Lemon Raspberry Sweet Rolls
  4. Traditions Bakery & Cafe: Orange Cranberry Sweet Rolls

There’s a little of something in this taste off for everyone! All of the sweet rolls are packed with flavor making it incredibly hard to say which one is the best. As always, we asked that everyone rate each one from 1-5 based on taste, texture, and appearance, and then send us their votes. At the end of the taste off, we tally those votes to find who the true winner is. The winner of the title of Best Sweet Rolls […]

2912, 2020

Utah Taste Off Best of 2020

It’s that time of year when we look back and see how far we have come. Did you know that we have put together 39 weeks of taste off kits this year? That’s a LOT of kits! We thought it would be fun to write a Utah Taste Off Best of 2020 post where we could recap our year and all of the taste off kits we have put together. This post is packed with every winner from 2020. If you’ve ever wondered where to find the best food in Utah, this is the post to read! Let’s start with our most recent kit and work our way back through the year!

December 2020:

Ruby Snap was voted for having the Best Ginger Desserts in Utah. Their cookies were described as “Christmas in my mouth” by several participants, and we have to agree!

When it came to chocolate desserts, Nothing […]

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